0 14 January 2016

Hair Transplant in India

    • QUALIFICATION: Dr Harpreet S. Bakshi, M.S. (Surgery) M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery) Director, Skin ’n’ Shape Centre is a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, with keen interest in Hair Restoration with Up to-date information and expertise in Hair Transplant. He is an active participant in national and International Hair Transplant conferences. He was an Active participant in the recently Concluded Conference of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons in Chicago (ISHRS),Chicago.(9-13th2015) .


    • WHOLE PROCEDURE DONE BY HIM ONLY: MOST IMPORTANTLY, Right from the Consultation/ Planning/Hair line designing and ENTIRE SURGICAL PROCEDURE/STEPS which includes HAIR EXTRACTION from donor site, RECIPIENT SITE PREPARATION with slits, HAIR PLACEMENT at recipient site are done by Dr

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