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Breast Augmentation

This procedure helps to change the shape and increase the size of the breast. This is done to enlarge an under developed breast or a breast that has become small after child birth. The size of the breast is increased permanantly depending on the available loose skin of the existing breast.

A silicone gel or saline-filled implant is placed behind the breast tissue or the breast muscle. A cut about 2″ long is made at the lower part of the breast or at the areola (dark skin around the existing nipple).

This surgery is done either under local anesthesia or short acting general anesthesia and the patient can go home the same day after the operation. Subsequent normal breast feeding can be done after breast augmentation and there are no problems with one’s personal life, which actually improves after breast enlargement surgery as the breasts play an important role. t’s no secret that women today wish to have a beautiful and attractive appearance. Breast size is an important part of it. Some women are not happy with their breast size and so we provide an excellent breast enhancement surgery to them so that they can be content with their body. This is the most famous treatment and there are so many women, who wish to get their breast enhanced as it does not cost much. Dr Bakshi has expertise in this field and we have world class trained surgeons who can bring out a whole new you.

Breast augmentation is a procedure to enlarge as well as enhance the shape of your breasts. It brings out symmetry in the developmental defects. In this treatment, you are given a silicon implant which is inserted in under the tissues of breasts or under the muscles under the tissues. People have a perception that this can affect the breast feeding once a woman gets pregnant but it is totally false. All these things are taken care of and the surgery is done very carefully.

People think that to get it done is not at all safe and ethical. Considering this, with the approval of US- FDA has totally changed the scenario and we get a lot of people who want to get it done and have no doubts about getting any kind of side effects. Till date, there has been no cancer that can be connected with breasts implants.

With the help of finest equipments, this surgery doesn’t take long to get done and you can easily walk back home after few hours of the surgery. Breast take few weeks to get back normal and then you can comfortably precede your life without any hesitation.

As for the risk factor, minimal risk is involved. You may suffer from bleeding, asymmetry, deflation, loss of sensation, complication related to anesthesia, scar around implant contracting, slight infection etc. But we assure you that there are hardly any cases where women suffer from these problems. So if you wish to get great augmentation done, feel free to contact Alchemist cosmetic clinic.

Anesthesia – Local with Sedation or general anaesthesia
Duration – Day Care/ 1 day stay

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