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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery

Patients with excessively large pendulous breast benefit by this surgery. In this operation, the size of the breast is reduced by removing excess fat, breast tissue and skin from the breast. The nipple is relocated higher and the breast is reshaped and contoured and given proper shape and a younger look. Large breasts lose shape and firmness, the upper pole becomes empty and the nipples point downwards. Breast reduction surgery restores the firm feel and round contour of the breast, brings back fullness in the upper pole, and re-positions the nipples to point forwards and outwards.This breast surgery is done under general anesthesia and requires 1 or 2 days hospital stay.


According to the desire of the patient and if tissues permit, either the small breast can be made larger, or the larger one can be made smaller. There are times when a combination of surgeries may have to be done, like enlargement of one side and simple lift (Mastopexy) or reduction of the other.


Women who have had their breast removed (one or both ) due to illness ( usually breast cancer ) can have their configuration reconstituted by this procedure. Tissue can be taken from the lower abdomen or back, or implants may be used to form the breast. The nipple and areola can also be reconstructed to let the women regain her natural appearance and confidence.


In some boys during puberty and adolescence, breasts develop to an abnormal large size. This can cause psychological problems and the boys are embarrassed to wear tight T-shirts or take off their clothes in the locker room or in the swimming pool. In some instances, the male breasts also could enlarge during adult life. On very rare occasions, this can be associated with hormonal problems.

A cut is made at the edge of the lower half of the areola and the excess tissue is removed. Sometimes, fat tissue is removed by liposuction at the same time. This procedure is done usually under local anesthesia, and the patient can go home a few hours after the operation.

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