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What is a Hymen?

Hymen is a mucous membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina and whose presence traditionally marks a girl’s virginity. In many cultures a hymen is considered to be the most treasured prizes a woman gives her husband on their wedding night. Every hymen is divergent and it can get torn by various activities like playing, riding a bicycle or horse riding etc.

Hymenoplasty and other surgical details

Hymenorrhaphy or Hymenoplasty Surgery is the surgical restoration of the hymen to its original ‘virgin’ state. Hymen restoration entails the use of in line tissue which is torn need to be sewn into the same spot where the hymen was originally present. If the procedure is carried out correctly, there are no visible scars and the hymen appears unbroken and intact. The procedure will take about 30 – 45 minutes and essentially is an outpatient surgery using local anesthesia. The sutures used are dissolvable and rejoin the skin membrane. Sexual activity if undertaken after six weeks after the surgery will feign breaking a hymen of a virgin which will result in bleeding and a bit of discomfort.

Hymenoplasty – reasons to get the procedure

There are various reasons for women to go ahead and request the hymenoplasty surgery to be conducted, which are:

  • Religious and Social issues
  • Revirginization
  • Hymen injury
  • Sexual abuse

Some cultures demand a woman to be a virgin and to ensure the same they physically check to find out if the hymen is intact as this determines her virginity.

Procedure –

Hymenoplasty, restoration of the hymenal ring or hymenorrhaphy are the different names for the same thing. It’s a surgical procedure which helps a girl to repair the hymenal ring which could be torn due to vaginal sex or it could also be an accidental tear . The emblematic and traditional significance is linked to the girl’s position in a society. The procedure to restore the hymen is performed only after a consultation and if there is no other option. We at Skin ‘n’ Shape, Chandigarh – Panchkula, help you to regain your confidence by building up and restoring your hymen to being original, without any hassles. You could call to speak with Dr. Harpreet S. Bakshi who will be able to help you with your questions pertaining to hymenoplasty procedures. He is one of the best surgeons for Hymenoplasty Surgery in India.

Risks and Side Effects after the surgery

  1. Nausea and dizziness
  2. Bleeding
  3. Vaginal discharge
  4. Inflammation


We at Skin ‘n’ Shape maintain and follow the high confidentiality policies. Our consultation is free, so please call us at our clinic and visit our center in Panchkula.

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